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Another Free JavaScript Book

My least viewed blog post is the one about a free JavaScript book. So building on that lack of success here is another post about another free JavaScript book. You don’t know JS: Up and Going by Kyle Simpson is currently retailing for zero pounds and zero pence (or zero dollars if you prefer) at Amazon kindle store and it is worth a read.

It’s a brief trailer for the other 5 pay for books in the series but does a good job of going over the basics and the not so basics. Mr Kyle makes the interesting, and probably correct, argument that it’s possible to write entire applications in JavaScript without knowing a lot of the language. It certainly accords with my own experience – there is a lot of dodgy JavaScript around and not so much well crafted stuff. So he’s issued a bit of a call to arms for developers to learn all the language and not just the ‘Good Parts’.

I’m not sure if I’m going to read all the books in the series but I’ve bought the ES6 one and that’s also very good but sadly not free. I guess the man’s got to be paid somehow.


    • Hi Dave. I didn’t realise ALL the books were free. How does the man make money???

      All good here in Brisbane. We are having a spring heatwave. Up to 35 C today and humid. 41 inland. A day to stay inside with an iced drink maybe.



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