Not as irreplaceable as I thought

Like all software developers, I like to think of myself as being irreplaceable. Clearly no-one on the entire planet combines my depth of technical knowledge, my amazing familiarly with the business domain and my legendary humility. I am truly a unique gift to any and all employers.

So I was particularly disappointed this week when I was replaced my this play-mobile figure at the family dinner table . I was out that evening so the daughter placed this unkempt looking plastic figure in my chair . She felt it was an adequate or even superior replacement. It’s uncertain whether my wife noticed the difference. Certainly the level of conversation was improved that evening.

So not as irreplaceable as I thought. I once replaced a colleague with a blow up sheep and sent him the photo. I thought it was very funny at the time – I realise now that it wasn’t as funny as I thought. I really hope my employer doesn’t realise how easily I can be replaced by a cheap child’s toy.

HTTP 301: Moved Permanently (to Australia)

After 18 months in the planning I am formally issuing a HTTP 301 request for the Brown family – we are emigrating to Australia. Right now our life has been dismantled and put in a 20 foot shipping container – I’m surrounded by removal people, boxes and general chaos as I write. We fly out in two days and land in Brisbane on 10th August where we will reassemble the Brown life in sunnier climes.

I’m very excited / tired / sad / hopeful plus a number of other emotions that I don’t know the names of. But whatever happens it will be an adventure. I do know that you regret the things you don’t do; you don’t regret getting out there and giving things a go – a fair go.

So the 301 request has been sent. As Wikipedia (almost) says

The HTTP response status code 301 Moved Permanently is used for permanent software developer and family redirection

Wish us luck!!