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Bill Gates - founder of Microsoft
I’ll be seeing a lot less of this guy.

Happy new year!

It looks like 2022 will be the year that I say a fond farewell to .Net and Microsoft technologies generally.  It’s been a 20-year relationship with Microsoft and we’ve both seen changes in each other but our technological marriage has endured those ups and downs. However, late last year I changed jobs and my new role is developing in Node.js, React with AWS. So, I’ve packed my bags and I’m leaving the Microsoft marital home and moving in with the JavaScript open-source community.

There are no grudges in the breakup though. It’s all very amiable. There was a rocky patch when we had to develop with Webforms, and nested Ajax panels, which nearly finished us for good. But we came through it and after counselling, ALT .Net and MVC, things improved immensely. In later years we had a more flexible relationship and everyone agreed that open sourcing .Net Core would be for the best, and indeed it was.

But it has come to an end. I’ll be seeing a lot less of Bill Gates than I used to, and Visual Studio has been removed from my dev machine. We’ve been through our possessions, and we’ve agreed that I can keep VS Code for old time’s sake (and because it’s brilliant). I’ve even stopped using a windows machine for work, it’s a MacBook now. As the old song says, “there is a time for every purpose, under heaven” and I’m sorry to say it’s the time to take my leave of Microsoft (at least for now).


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