Moving hosting to Hostinger

At least these guys don’t have to move their web hosting

I’ve been meaning to move the hosting for codebuckets for months now. My level of enthusiasm for moving hosting come somewhere between going to the dentist and getting my annual taxes sorted. Actually, it’s less appealing than both those unappealing options. I just don’t want to do it.

But I have bitten the bullet, grabbed the greasy pig, put on my big boy panties and moved my hosting to Hostinger over the weekend. While they were a few wrinkles (my stylesheets completely disappeared at one point leaving codebuckets looking like it was a website from the 90s) it all happened pretty smoothly – largely due to the excellent support over at Hostinger. So, it’s a big shout out to the support guy, Ignas from Lithuania, for spending a good chunk of time helping me out and getting me the new configuration just as I wanted. Thank you.

The good thing is that now it’s over with some other sites I run, I can legitimately claim the hosting costs back against my business expenses – marvellous. And what’s more, I’ve hooked up an SSL certificate, which came free when I bought the hosting, so now codebuckets is finally https as it should have been all along.

So, job done. All, I need to do now is sort out my 2020/21 taxes. Sadly, I can feel my euthusiasm draining away again!

80/20 rule for blogs

There is a pithy saying I’m fond of

The first 80% of a product features will be developed in 20% of the time
The last 20% of a product features will be developed in 80% of the time

I think this is truth of it. I’ve just noticed my blog is following the same rule

80% of my traffic comes from 20% of the posts.
20% of the traffic hits the remaining long tail of 80% of the posts

The bugger of it is, is that I have no idea if a blog post will be in the top 20% of the posts when I’m writing it. Conversely, I’ve a shrewd idea when I post, if is going to be in the bottom 80% of hyper unviewed posts. This post will definitely be in the stinky 80% pile. It’s all fairly immaterial though – most of my post are just for my own personal amusement anyway. And I’m easily amused.