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80/20 rule for blogs

There is a pithy saying I’m fond of

The first 80% of a product features will be developed in 20% of the time
The last 20% of a product features will be developed in 80% of the time

I think this is truth of it. I’ve just noticed my blog is following the same rule

80% of my traffic comes from 20% of the posts.
20% of the traffic hits the remaining long tail of 80% of the posts

The bugger of it is, is that I have no idea if a blog post will be in the top 20% of the posts when I’m writing it. Conversely, I’ve a shrewd idea when I post, if is going to be in the bottom 80% of hyper unviewed posts. This post will definitely be in the stinky 80% pile. It’s all fairly immaterial though – most of my post are just for my own personal amusement anyway. And I’m easily amused.


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