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Where’s Kitty

After many months of intensive research, user testing and damn clever coding I have produced the ground-breaking gaming experience of Where’s Kitty – available online. Click here to play.


Where's kitty

20 Kittys have hidden themselves under the grid. It’s your job as Kitty’s loving owner to find them all. Click on a square and the number revealed is the number of naughty Kittys in the surrounding squares.

Right click if you think Kitty is hiding under a square to flag it.

Finding Kitty

Kitty doesn’t like to be touched though. Be careful – if you accidentally prod a Kitty then it’s game over.

Prodded Kitty. You've lost


It’s coded up in Angular. Obviously, I could sell this game and basically retire – but as my gift to the world I’ve made the code to Where’s Kitty freely available on my github site.


Any resemblance to Where’s Kitty and any other game is purely coincidental – especially any game played by bored civil servants in the late 90s.


  1. G’Day Tim,

    You are on to something with this game. For some reason I took to it straight away, like i’ve played it before … evn before i started in the civil service!

    Hope you are all well. Talk soon.


    • hahaha – good to hear from you. The daughter loved it – she thought I’d invented the game. The naivety of youth!


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