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In Praise of the Marquee Tag

I’ve created a few internal tools for various tasks over the years. I tend to pop a web front end on them. I also like to pop on a marquee tag somewhere nice and visible so I can marvel at its scrolling majesty. I do it just to amuse myself then I sit back and wait for someone to notice then shout at me to not be so ridiculous and take off the ludicrous, retro, badly supported tag.

Oddly that doesn’t happen. I’ve checked back on the tools after several years of use and the text is still there, loyally scrolling away. I think the tag has a surprising number of supporters and actually there is a deep human need for easy to implement scrolling text. I imagine that other people in the company enjoy gazing hypnotically at the jerky scroll, just as I do.

I reckon I’m going for the blink tag next. An even more popular choice.


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