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I’m just getting back into the blog after a break. In that spirit, I’m backfilling posts about some of the stuff I’ve read. watched and listened to during that break.

My boss told me that anyone who doesn’t know about AI will be left behind in 5 years time. I’m hoping I’ll still be a software developer by then, so to make sure I bought and watched artificial-intelligence-az by from Udemy. It was a good choice. The course is simple enough for a noob to follow and in depth enough for an experience software developer to feel the benefit of. The applications work up to an AI capable of playing Doom. It is fascinating to see the decisions that the AI bot makes that seem counter-intuitive but actually work and are the best choice. The course is 16.5 hours of videos but if you install all the demos and get them working it takes way longer – the longer the better as far as I’m concerned. It’s all Python but any software developer can follow the code – it’s all explained and it’s a good opportunity to brush up on Python skills anyway.

I think it cost me about $15 so good value. Udemy has a weird thing where some courses are very cheap but then if you check back (or are an existing user) they’ve rocketed in price to $100 plus. I guess it’s just their business model. It’s said that no-one pays full price at Pizza Express so in the same vain I think no-one should pay full price at Udemy. Always go armed with a voucher or a first time user reduction. With a suitable price reduction then this course is really worth the investment.


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