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Infinite Buddha Quotes

Just moving on from the Pali Canon API that I published recently – I’ve published a web app which consumes the API. It randomly displays a quote from the Buddha, fades it out and displays the next with a suitably relaxing image or a tree or similar. You can find the web app at

It’s fully responsive so looks good on mobile or desktop. If you refresh the page, you’ll get another randomly relaxing image like so…

Under the covers it is coded in Typescript and React. The source code is published on my git hub site at

It calls the API endpoint

which generates a quote from the Pali Canon API plus the relevant citation information, so the quote can be properly credited to the translator. The citation link is always displayed at the bottom of the page.

Full disclosure though – It’s not really infinite. It’s only got the 432 verses of the Dhammapada to choose from, although that will change when I publish more content into the Pali Canon API. It will carry on forever though, or at least until either the universe dies, the Internet collapses or my willingness to pay for the hosting comes to an end.


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